SUNLU UV Resin Curing Box

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Model Number: SUNLU UV Resin
【Professional 405nm UV Resin LED Lights 】The resin model just printed have horrible tacky feeling, the crevices of the resin takes a long time to fully cure.In order to get a better printing effect, you can try SUNLU UV resin light curing...

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SUNLU UV resin curing box
From SunLu 3D
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SUNLU’s UV lamp curing box comes with high-power 405 nm UV LED beads. This makes possible fast curing of the 405 nm UV resin printed objects. The curing box is compatible with most SLA, DLP, LCD 3D printed models.

Last updated on June 22, 2024 4:10 pm

The 3D printing industry has grown to offer a plethora of materials, printer types, and support products. One such handy support product is the resin curing box. One of the popular printing materials is resin, which offers certain advantages over plastic filaments. After you’ve printed a model, you need to treat the print to make it stronger and more durable. When working with resin, the after printing effect will have a horrible tacky feeling. This is why the resin print needs to be cured. There are several ways to do this post-printing task, but the best way is to use a curing box. Once the print is cured, it will no longer have uncured residue on its surface and will more durable. A great product to properly cure your resin print is the SUNLU UV Resin Curing Box.


Specifications Of The SUNLU UV Resin Curing Box

Brand: SUNLU

Dimensions: 235 mm x 225 mm x 230 mm

Capacity: 170 mm x 205 mm 155 mm

Compatibility Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), 405nm UV resin, and SLA DLP LCD 3D printer materials

Rotation Speed: 10 revolutions per minute

Power Consumption: 60.0 Watts

UV Light Source: 405nm High Powered 60 W LED Strip

Product Net Weight: 1.2 kg

Additional Features

The SUNLU UV box has a controlled timer to monitor the curing speed from 0 to 600 seconds.  You can set the appropriate curing time based on your resin model.  For a large print you may need to do more than one session to complete the curing process to fully cure. The UV resin curing box has a 360° rotating acrylic turntable which turns at the rate of 10 revolutions per minute. The turntable provides even UV lamp coverage for the print. The UV light is kept in the curing box because of the special optical filter material built into the compartment. The electric turntable adjustable timer and smart sensor ensures you to not over expose your print and helps you control curing time and prevent the print from being over cured. Inside the box is a UV curing light lamp of LED lights that provide the UV light to do the work of curing your print.  The UV light array has six high-powered 405nm UV LED lights. The door has a see through window to allow you to monitor the curing progress. When the curing time expires, the timer beeps to let you know the curing process is complete. The large internal space allows you to cure a wide range of print models. A wall-wart power supply connects to to the external timer box. The timer box is connected to the plug on the back of the curing box.


Safety Feature

The light box is equipped with an important safety feature. The UV lighting comes on only when the door is securely closed, and when the door is opened, the curing function stops. The door sensor is connected to a microswitch which only allows the UV lamp to run when the door is closed. This feature will also prevent direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Curing Your Resin Printed Objects

Curing your resin 3D print is necessary to get the model to solidify. The resin model surface will be tacky and will have numerous crevices. These crevices will fill in over time but may not cure evenly or completely cure. You can set the model in the sun or wash it in isopropyl alcohol to get a well-cured resin print. A much faster and safer method is to use a UV curing box. Doing this will harden the resin, making it stronger, and make it more durable. Using the SUNLU UV Resin Curing Box will finish the resin printing process within minutes of curing time.

Easy To Assemble

Compared with other curing boxes, the SUNLU UV resin curing box is the best of the affordable curing boxes available on the market. It is a well-built and easy-to-use curing machine. It will only take a few minutes to fully assemble. The easy assembly kit comes with a fixed buckle and an environmentally friendly plastic ring that eliminates the need for wrench tools to build it. The panels have tabs that fit into the slots of the other panels. Each panel is identified to properly identify where each panel fits. The panels are secure with small silicone rubber bands. When fully assembled, it will provide sufficient space to accommodate your resin models.


Compatible Design

SUNLU’s UV lamp curing box comes with high-power 405 nm UV LED beads. This makes possible fast curing of the 405 nm UV resin printed objects. The curing box is compatible with most SLA, DLP, LCD 3D printed models.


One Year Warranty

The SUNLU UV Resin Curing Box comes with one-year warranty service.

Specification: SUNLU UV Resin Curing Box



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