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Creatbot D600 / D600 Pro Industrial Dual Extruder 3D Printer;
Creatbot D600 / D600 Pro Industrial Dual Extruder 3D Printer;
Creatbot D600 / D600 Pro Industrial Dual Extruder 3D Printer;
The CreatBot D600 is truly an impressive manufacturing machine. Its super large and completely closed build...
$12,999.00 $13,999.00
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Creatbot D600 / D600 Pro 3D Printer
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The D600 is mainly used to create industrial prototypes large scale objects while D600 pro is suitable for large-scale manufacturing particularly aerospace or automotive industries and so on.

Last updated on May 23, 2024 1:25 pm

3D printing refers to a series of distinct processes involving deposition and solidification of material in order to form a three-dimensional model and it happens under the command of computer programming. During modern times, the 3D printers have evolved drastically with the aid of artificial intelligence and because of the high proficiency rate they have been able to maintain a strong impact on the industrial sector globally. They have a zillion applications in different types of manufacturing whether concerning medicine, for instance, they have been used to print patient-specific implant for medical use moreover the 3D printing technology is being extensively applied in pharmaceutical industries for the rapid and efficient manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms in addition to this professional of the medical sector make use of this technology to develop surgical and laboratory instruments and equipment.

3D printing has also set its mark in various other zones of business-like clothing, art and jewelry, auto-mobile industry, robotics, space etc. 3D printing is an exceptional manufacturing strategy especially in this period where individuals having an aptitude for business are living in an atmosphere filled with the elements of rivalry, competitiveness and struggle to remain at the top of their work, this sprouting technology has only made their work less complex by producing a million copies at once.

The highly innovative 3D printer that is used industrially for big scale or small scale manufacturing is the CreatBot D600/D600 Pro 3D printer. The D600 is mainly used to create industrial prototypes large scale objects while D600 pro is suitable for large-scale manufacturing particularly aerospace or automotive industries and so on.

These printers comprise following hi-tech features due to which they are used by many industrial bases throughout the world:

Huge Build Volume:
Build volume basically refers to the maximum size of the object a 3D printer can print and these 3D printers offer an enormous build volume. The 600*600*600mm print size of this two machinery provides a massive space to print not only small but excessively large objects as well.

High Precision:
The term precision means that how accurate the printer is able to produce the expected results of the same object or in other words we can say that the capability of the printer to generate same precise and accurate results when the same material is subjected to printing repetitively. The accuracy of the D600 and D600 pro printers is 0.05mm at the rate of 200mm/s.

Well Protected and Enclosed Chamber:
The entire steel form of the printer not only assures the strength of the machine but also increases its usage period. The strong built protects it from various external factors that may damage the sensitive components of the printer not only this it also aids in maintaining a constant temperature so that it doesn’t distort.

Hot Air Chamber:
The printer has a hot air chamber that provides a temperature of 70 ͦC so that the machine remains in accordance with the room’s temperature persistently otherwise it may deform and get damaged due to temperature difference.

Efficient Touch Screen:
The printer has a 4.3″ smooth, sleek and ultra-modern screen that makes it more easily accessible and operational. It has many short cut keys each specific to do a specific task like pre-heat, print, home and so on.

Efficient Filter System:
The printers consist of highly efficient HEPA air filters designed to efficiently adsorb and trap the unwanted dust particles and gases that may be produced by the specialized printer filaments. These filters are environmentally friendly which makes these printers safe to be used not only in offices but also they are functional in academic institutions as well as homes.

Power Outage Controlled:
In the event of electrical or power failure, the printer would instantaneously memorize the current position and will proficiently save the print data so that when the power is back the print starts working form where it got stopped. It will warn when the filaments run out to avoid invalid printing.

The printers not only have the above-mentioned qualities but they also have many other unique attributes like high-quality CreatBot filaments which are used for printing oversized objects. These ultra-modern, well-equipped printers have set new working standards in the industrial sector, so enhance your manufacturing level and quality by making use of these finest, high-tech creations ever made.

Specification: CreatBot D600



Build volume


Max Bed Temperature (°C)


Max Nozzle Temperature (°C)


Max Chamber Temperature (°C)

Without Hot Air Chamber

Build Plate Type

Borosilicate Glass Platform, Buildtak

Removable Bed

Not Include

Bed Leveling Type


Filament Flow Sensor


Power Supply (PSU)


Powercut auto resume


Printer Body

Fully Enclosed

Screen Type

Touch Screen

Layer Resolution



Not Include

File Transfer

USB Stick

Filament Compatibility

ABS, Carbon Fiber, Flexible, HIPS, Nylon, PC, PEEK, PETG, PEVA, PLA, PP, PVA, TPU, ULTEM, Wood

Printing Speed (mm/s)


Nozzle Diameter (mm)


Extruder Number


Extruder Type

Dual Direct Drive Extruder

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