eSUN eBamboo 0.5kg 1.75mm Bamboo

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One of the unique and exotic filaments offered by eSUN is eBamboo which is a true reflection of its name.
The 3D objects printed with this filament provide a wooden texture and a wooden aroma

Along with all their other filaments, eSUN also makes a product called eBamboo, which is used for printing wood textures in 3D. This unique product also has a distinct wood aroma to make your prints even more authentic. It works just like any other PLA filament.

The PLA type and color of this product are, naturally, bamboo. The texture is matte and frosted. So long as you remove prints from the nozzle as soon as possible to prevent the wood powder from expanding and burning, you’ll create some great parts with this filament. The filament diameter is 1.75 mm, and its tolerance is ±0.05 mm, which compares well with other eSUN products.

Using eSUN eBamboo is a great way to create different textures with a 3D printer easily. You won’t find the process difficult because it works the same as any other filament you will use. You can also paint this material after printing if you want to alter some of the parts for your models. The best print temperature is 200-220 degrees Celsius.

eSUN eBamboo is perfect because it is such a multi-purpose product. It is long-lasting, renewable, and very eco-friendly, so you can use it to print parts for pretty much anything you like. The colors are consistent, too, and will enhance your 3D prints. The eBamboo filament won’t strip, will feed fluidly through the printer, and will remain durable throughout the creative process.

As with other eSUN filaments, the eBamboo will arrive securely packaged and coiled around a spool to preserve it. It is one of eSUN’s most environmental products, and that only adds to how strong and sturdy it is.

Specification: eSUN eBamboo 0.5kg 1.75mm Bamboo



PLA Type




Filament Diameter

1.75 mm

Diameter Tolerance

±0.05 mm


0.5 kg

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