eSUN PC 0.5kg 1.75mm Natural

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eSUN PC (Polycarbonate) natural filament is one of the strongest filament products in the industry.
It has high resistance to impact and can withstand high pressures.

Are you planning to create 3D prints needing strength, a translucent finish, and a high UV resistance? The material you are looking for is the eSUN PC 3D printing filament.


Here are the basics for the eSUN PC filament:

Brand: eSUN

Polycarbonate Type: PC

Color: Natural

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm

Diameter Tolerance: ±0.05 mm

Weight: 0.5 kg

eSUN PC 3D Printing Filament

The eSUN PC 3D printing filament is a polycarbonate thermoplastic. It is a tough and resilient material, able to withstand high stresses and impact. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The eSUN PC has a nozzle temperature range of 235-260C and a bed temperature of 80-110C. The filament is a consistent diameter of 1.75 mm, with an accuracy of up to + 0.05 mm and even +0.03 mm. The filament flows smoothly through the printer head, with low shrinkage and no warping. These qualities make the eSUN PC compatible with most 3D printers. This is an excellent filament for creating a wide variety of prints intended for outdoor use.

eSUN PC (Polycarbonate) filament is one of the strongest filament products in the industry.

It has high resistance to impact and can withstand high pressures.

Like most of the other filaments offered by eSUN, this is also an environmentally friendly and non-toxic product.

eSUN PC (Polycarbonate) filament has low flammability, which makes it an ideal item for a personal 3D printing experience.

PC Plastic

The material used to make the eSUN PC is Polycarbonate plastic, which is a class of polymers containing carbonate groups in its chemical makeup. It has a print appearance similar to translucent PETG filaments. Polycarbonate is highly useful for projects requiring extreme impact and temperature resistance. It is often used in engineering because of its strength and toughness. PC is also easily worked through molding and thermoforming.

The eSun Difference

The eSUN PC is produced by eSUN Industrial Co., Ltd. The company is a Chinese high-tech company based in the city of Shenzhen. ESUN has 20 years of experience in the 3D printing industry and is a leading producer of innovative 3D printing filaments. It is dedicated to excellence in research, development, and the production of high-quality 3D printing materials. The quality of the eSUN materials guarantees great surface uniformity and smoothness in the finished 3D prints.


The eSUN PC 3D printing filament comes on a clear spool in a vacuum-sealed package. The packaging includes a resealable bag to protect the filament during storage.

Specification: eSUN PC 0.5kg 1.75mm Natural





Polycarbonate Type


Filament Diameter

1.75 mm

Diameter Tolerance

±0.05 mm


0.5 kg

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