eSUN PLA-LW 1kg 1.75mm White

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ePLA-LW (Lightweight PLA) was specifically developed for drones, airplanes, and cosplay. Developed by eSUN, the ePLA-LW has more stable interlayer bonding than wood, and the foaming rate and strength can be manually adjusted by increasing or decreasing the temperature.

Last updated on June 4, 2024 5:00 pm
eSUN PLA-LW 1kg 1.75mm White

41.85 $

eSUN ePLA-LW 1kg 1.75mm White

There are many options available today for the enterprising 3D printing entrepreneur. Whatever your printing situation, choosing the best printing material is crucial for creating printed parts that meet your 3D printing needs. One great filament to consider is LW PLA (Light Weight PLA, or Polylactic Acid). The lightweight PLA filament is an ideal choice to print lightweight parts.


The eSUN LW PLA was specifically developed for lightweight printing projects, like drones (RC planes), model airplanes, and cosplay accessories. Developed by eSUN, the ePLA-LW (LW PLA) has more stable interlayer bonding than wood. Another advantage over other materials is that the foaming rate and strength of the print settings can be manually adjusted by increasing or decreasing the temperature. This active foaming technology is ideal for this type of 3d printing. The LW PLA filament was specifically developed to print low-density PLA parts.

The eSUN ePLA-LW is an active foaming technology meant to be used for the creation of lightweight, 3D parts.  The material is specifically developed to be used in making model aircraft and drones (RC planes).  Because of its lighter weight, the ePLA-LW enables the aircraft (RC plane) to have a lighter wing load and a lower stall speed. What makes the eSUN White ePLA-LW ideal for aircraft is its use of foaming technology to achieve lightweight 3D parts. This helps achieve lightweight, low-density LW PLA parts suitable for flight. Since the foaming volume ratio is an impressive 220%, a spool of ePLA-LW can be printed equivalent to 2.2 spools of regular PLA.

The increasing volume starts with temperatures varying between a minimum operating temperature of 210°C and a maximum printing temperature of 270°C (an increase of up to 1.2 times can be expected). This makes the ePLA-LW compatible with most high-temperature printers. The printing extrusion rate can be reduced by 45% to achieve lightweight parts.

Using the same model at the same speed, a lower stall speed, and lighter wing load is produced by using a lightweight PLA (LW PLA). With models such as airplanes, weight reduction can significantly improve the performance of the final model. Depending on the size of the model design wall thickness, the average print time can be decreased from 30 minutes to 12 hours on a regular size drone.

Characteristics of the eSUN ePLA-LW Filament

Here are the characteristics of the eSUN PLA-LW 3D filament, developed for lightweight PLA foam material for 3D aircraft:

Brand Name: eSUN


Model Number: 3D Printer Filament

Origin: CN (Origin)

Color: White

Form: Solid

Material: Light Weight PLA

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm

Diameter Tolerance: ±0.05 mm

Actual Printing speed: 40-80 mm/s

Actual Foaming Extrusion Rate: Maximum foaming temperature 270℃; Maximum foaming rate (270℃) 122%; Lowest extrusion rate (270℃), first layer extrusion rate 45%

Maximum Activated Density: up to 0.54

Weight: 1kg (2.2lbs)

The ePLA-LW comes in a vacuum-sealed bag with a desiccant bag for storage of the filament between uses. The storage bag helps preserve the 3D printer filament by keeping it free of contamination and from moister that can decrease material flow. This helps to maintain good material flow the next time the filament is used.



The attributes of the eSUN ePLA LW 3D printer filament are as follows:

*Lightweight, low-density PLA, up to 0.54g/cm3

*Extreme volume ratio so more is produced with less.

*Free adjustment of strength and foaming ratio.

*Excellent layer adhesion.

*Easy to repair, explosion semi-resistant.

*Strong surface paint adhesion.

*Reliable and efficient printing

*Usable for large models.

*Warp-resistant, and does not need a constant heat chamber.

*Excellent matte, easy to paint as the surface pigment has strong adhesion.

Because the eSUN-LW foams continuously in the melting cavity of the high-temperature nozzle, the retraction will not work. The filament is suitable for high-temperature foaming.

Printing Temperature Ranges

The ePLA-LW recommended printing temperature is 190-270 ℃. Foam printing temperature is recommended at 210-270 ℃ and the unformed printing temperature190-210 ℃, with a maximum foaming temperature of 270 ℃. The lowest extrusion rate is 45% (270℃) and the maximum foaming rate is 122% (270℃). The bed temperature is 45-60 °C with no prior heating. The printing bed is compatible to use PVP solid glue, masking paper, carbon fiber board, or a glass board.

The eSUN Commitment

A leading global producer of high-quality 3D printing filaments, eSUN is committed to developing products that aid 3D printing enthusiasts in their passion. Their motto is: To help you express yourself. To do that, they offer a wide range of 3D printing products and distribution centers around the globe.

Further Information

For further information, you can visit eSun product page

Specification: eSUN PLA-LW 1kg 1.75mm White



PLA Type




Filament Diameter

1.75 mm

Diameter Tolerance

±0.05 mm


1 kg

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