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FlashForge Creator Max is the new 3d printer from one of the most reliable companies.
The model is based on the award winning 3d printers from FlashForge and focuses on precision and quality of the builds.
It is affordable and has many features such as LED touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity.
Here are some specifications and features of FlashForge Creator Max.

The build size for this printer is 227x148x150 mm while the precision is approximately around 0.2 mm. Extruder temperature for FlashForge Creator Max can go up to 260o Celsius. Its nozzle is 0.4 mm in diameter and has a flow rate of 24 cc per hour. The diameter of the filament can be 1.75mm and it is also compatible with a range of PLA based materials. FlashForge Creator Max is 14.8 kg in weight and its dimensions are 320x467x381 mm. The input power is adjustable and users can connect via a USB cable, SD card, or even Wi-Fi.


1. Durable
The printer has a stylish outlook and a solid metal frame. The metal frame adds to the printer’s durability and makes the machine stronger and more durable. The design looks good and has the capacity to last for years due to the materials used.

2. Precision Focused Machine
Having a metal frame has other benefits for a printer as well. The strong frame keeps the printer in place and makes it more stable during the printing period. This increases the precision of the printer and gives a better result for the print. The metal platform supports the rod that is working across the z-axis. The printing chamber is fully enclosed and offers a range of options for printing different materials and colors in great quality. These features result in the printer making quality builds for a long time.

3. Easy To Use
The printer has a small touch screen that makes it easier for the users to operate it. With simple commands and keys available, selecting different options for the print is easy. Furthermore, the friendly user interface of the touch control makes operating this printer simpler.

4. Multiple Extruders
One of the best things about FlashForge Creator Max is that it also comes with dual extruders that add to its long list of features. With the help of two extruders, users are able to print with more colors or use more materials as well. The extruders are also accompanied by turbofans to cool the print fast.

5. Knobs For Leveling
The printer also has great leveling knobs that can accurately level the builds for the users. These knobs also ease the compact space inside the printing chamber and make printing easier for the machine.

6. Compatibility With Software
Last but not the least; FlashForge Creator max is compatible with a range of different software. You can select between any software of your choice such as Cura or FlashPrint or Simplify3D. This is due to the open source technology used for this printer. It makes printing and building new projects easier and more convenient for users

Specification: Flashforge Creator Max



Build volume


Max Bed Temperature (°C)


Max Nozzle Temperature (°C)


Build Plate Type

Aluminum Build Plat

Removable Bed

Not Include

Bed Leveling Type


Filament Flow Sensor

Not Include

Power Supply (PSU)


Powercut auto resume

Not Include

Printer Body

Fully Enclosed

Screen Type

Touch Screen

Layer Resolution



Not Include

File Transfer

SD, USB Cable, WiFi

Filament Compatibility

ABS, Carbon Fiber, Flexible, HIPS, Nylon, PC, PETG, PEVA, PLA, PP, PVA, TPU, Wood

Filament Diameter Compatibility

1.75 mm

Printing Speed (mm/s)


Nozzle Diameter (mm)


Extruder Number


Extruder Type

Dual Direct Drive Extruder

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Flashforge Creator Max


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