Prusa SL1 Kit

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Original Prusa SL1 3D printer is based on the MSLA printing process. Unlike Original Prusa i3 machines, this printer uses a high-resolution LCD panel and a UV LED to cure thin layers of resin to achieve an unprecedented level of detail.

This is a DIY kit. If you’re looking for…

The Prusa SL1 printer is a newly designed Prusa SLA printer that can deliver and produce extremely high-quality prints with very specific details ridden in those pictures. The Prusa SL1 printer also specializes in being compatible with a wide array of different resins for different applications. It has a complete ecosystem that is connected with the CW1 and also has a minimal setup if you are going for the ready-to-print package. The Prusa SL1 printer also has an extremely comprehensive build guide if you decide to purchase the building kit. If you’re looking for a 3D printer that’s able to handle multiple things at once and is perfect for both veteran users, look no further than the Prusa SL1 Printer.



The Prusa SL1 printer has an extremely slick and fancy aesthetic, while also designed to be compatible with a third-party resin.

Carbon Filter:

The Prusa SL1 printer also has a replaceable carbon filter that will make the SLA printer’s lifetime longer and lessen any worries that you may have about needing to repurchase a printer in the future

Layer Resolution:

The layer resolution of the printer is 0.01, while the printing speed is 6 seconds per layer, at a speed of millimeters per hour.

File transfer:

The file transfer to the printer is transferable from either ethernet, a USB stick, or WiFi.


The screen size of the printer is 5.5 inches, and the screen is designed so that it will touchable and you may manually work your way around the printer.

Accurate prints:

The SL1 uses a 5.5′ high-resolution LCD display which results in highly accurate prints.

High-Speed Printing:

The UV light is a high performance and allows for curing one layer at a time at a high-speed rate of 6 seconds.

Automatic Calibration:

There is no need to calibrate every print, the printing platform is connected to the main arm so that the printer has an automatic calibration.

The Prusa SL1 Printer Kit:

The Prusa SL1 printer kit is a kit that can be sent to you, or you may purchase it from the store directly in person. The Prusa SL1 printer kit is for those who wish to purchase the printer and design it themselves. The kit comes with a very detailed and easy-to-understand manual which will make the process much smoother and easier for those who have never manually built a printer before. The printer is designed to have all the parts fit easily when building it so that there is no need to jam any materials inside. On average, the length of building the printer will take around 10 hours, in which you will need to connect wires and hook up circuit boards. The printer kit is highly recommended for those who are interested in seeing how the Prusa SL1 printer works and acts.

Other Product Details:

Build volume: 120X68X150
Printer SIze: 225X237X400
Layer Resolution: 0.01
Printing Speed (mm/h): 6 Seconds Per Layer
File Transfer: Ethernet, USB Stick, WiFi
Screen size: 5.5 Inch Touch Screen
Air Filtration: Include
Rated Power: 25W


The Prusa SL1 printer is a top-of-the-line printer that is affordable and will work to the best of its ability. Warranty is provided for up to 24 months for both the kit and the ready-to-print printer, so in the off chance you don’t enjoy the printer, you can always return it.

Specification: Prusa SL1 Kit



Build volume


Printer SIze


Layer Resolution


Printing Speed (mm/h)

6 Seconds Per Layer

File Transfer

Ethernet, USB Stick, WiFi

Screen size

5.5 Inch Touch Screen

Air Filtration


Rated Power


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