PRUSAMENT PETG 1kg 1.75mm Prusa Orange

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Improve the quality and versatility of your 3D printing with the Prusa Prusament PETG 3D Printing Filament. Prusa’s strict manufacturing procedures have allowed them to create a high-performing PETG filament that lets you print using mechanical processes that are impossible with PLA filament.

Last updated on July 15, 2024 12:39 am
PRUSAMENT PETG 1kg 1.75mm Prusa Orange
PRUSAMENT PETG 1kg 1.75mm Prusa Orange

Improve the quality and versatility of your 3D printing with the Prusa Prusament PETG 3D Printing Filament.  Prusa’s strict manufacturing process allows them to create a high-performing PETG filament.  This process lets you print with mechanical methods impossible with PLA filament.


Strong and Durable

Prusament PETG maintains its strength in various conditions to produce a very durable print.  The filament is ductile and can handle bending or pressure without breaking, letting you use it for more purposes than PLA filament.



PETG filament is a co-polyester 3D printing material that has several advantages over PLA prints printing filament.  The acronym PETG stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol.  The glycol enables the finished printed product to have a clear glass-like quality.


Thermal Resistance

The Prusament PETG filament can handle a nozzle temperature of 250 °C (482 degrees F) and a heated bed temperature of up to 70-90 °C (194 degrees F).  Because it is a very tough material and considerably temperature resistant, it lets you print using high temperature resistance and allows more versatility.


Low Warping

Prusament PETG has low thermal expansion and is less susceptible to bending or lifting.  Because of this property, you can even print big objects without using an enclosure.


The Prusa Prusament PETG filament evenly cools with almost no warping.  The PETG filament is heat resistant and valuable for parts used in a high heat environment.


Better Transparency

Filament made from PETG is superior for clear prints.  The glycol added to PETG helps to ensure that 3D prints have greater transparency but don’t become brittle.  For finished prints needing a clear finish, PETG is a better option than PLA prints.


Range of Colors

This Prusament PETG filament is available in 17 colors, including semi-transparent variants.  This wide range of colors allows you to print using more options for a broader range of projects.  Prusa filaments also provide highly consistent colors, so you don’t need to worry if the finished print will look a different color when the print cools.  With these myriad color options, you’ll love your finished prints.


Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Prusament PETG filament is suitable for use in a range of environmental conditions.  You don’t need to worry about the weather outside affecting your printed objects.


Suitable For Printing Large Objects

The Prusa Prusament PETG is also suitable for printing big objects.  Its mechanical properties allow for precision printing of mechanically stressed parts, with many mechanical properties and good thermal resistance.  The Prusament PETG is also helpful for making multiple print parts and even tiny parts that fit together for much larger printing projects.  Now you can create elaborate and intricate 3D print projects without worrying if your print will warp, lift, or buckle.


Consistent and Precise Manufacturing

The string diameter is manufactured with a diameter precision of ±0.02 mm.  This measurement is more precise than most commonly used filaments, where the industry standard is ±0.05 mm.


Prusa is the only manufacturer that meets this high standard in its filament production.  The manufacturing process includes very tough materials and thorough testing.  The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested.


The mechanical parts used for Prusa’s 3D printers are premium grade materials.  The products are manufactured in house to ensure Prusa’s high-quality standards.


The Prusament PETG filament cools evenly, and the finished product is durable, flexible, with precision and highly consistent colors and shapes.  There are numerous applications for this versatile 3D printing filament.


Post Processing PETG Concerns

The Prusa Prusament PETG is an excellent product for post processing.  The filament cools evenly, rarely lifts, and is quickly ready for post-processing like buffing, layering, or painting.


Online Self Inspection

Check the parameters of every spool of Prusa filament online using the provided QR code to ensure precise printing.  You can find the details online for the product you purchased.

Printing Presets

Prusa has made it easy to get the best performance from the Prusa Prusament PETG 3D printing filament.  The filament presets are available in their Prusa Slicer software, ensuring you always get an optimal result from your prints.


Other Product Details


Co-polyester Type: PETG

Color: Prusa Orange

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm

Diameter Tolerance: ±0.02

Filament Spool Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lb)


Prusa Research

Josef Prusa founded Prusa Research in 2012.  Prusa, a Czech hobbyist and inventor had a passion for 3D printers as a university student.  His hobby soon turned into a global business in the 3D niche.  Prusa Research creates its own software and hardware, experiment, and do all the work in house.


The filaments and 3D parts manufacturing process is closely monitored and tested for optimal quality and customer satisfaction.

Specification: PRUSAMENT PETG 1kg 1.75mm Prusa Orange



Copolyester Type



Prusa Orange

Filament Diameter

1.75 mm

Diameter Tolerance

±0.02 mm


1 kg

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