The Original Prusa Enclosure

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Introducing Original Prusa Enclosure: Modular box for your 3D printer.

Enclosures mainly help with stabilizing the inner environment and raising ambient temperatures, which is vital for printing materials such as ASA, PC-CF, PP, and others that have a tendency to...

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Original Prusa Enclosure
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The Original Prusa Enclosure is intended to be used with the Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer. The basic package for the Enclosure contains all the components you need to build the unit, including the assembly instructions.

Last updated on June 16, 2024 9:05 am

The Original Prusa Enclosure

The world of 3D printing has become a lucrative niche for enterprising entrepreneurs with a knack for imagining both artful and functional prints. The process of 3D printing has grown in the last decade as it has overcome various obstacles.

One such obstacle is the problem of regulating ambient temperatures when working with materials like ASA, PC-CC, Nylon, and other materials that tend to warp during printing or cooling. One great innovation that solves the problem of warping is the modular box. A great product that will enhance your experience is the Original Prusa Enclosure. Using the modular box helps you make more accurate 3D printed models.


Technical Features

Dimensions (LCD mounted outside): 530 mm x 545 mm x 715 mm

Dimensions (LCD mounted inside): 530 mm x 545 mm x 640 mm Note: An area of at least 250 mm in the front of the enclosure is needed to allow room for the door to fully open.

Enclosure Type: Passive; heating is provided by the heating bed of the 3D printer.

Maximum Stackable Units: Up to 5; it is recommended that with more than three enclosures, units should be anchored to the wall.

Weight : 10.6 kg (23.4 lbs)

The Original Prusa Enclosure is intended to be used with the Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer. The basic package for the Enclosure contains all the components you need to build the unit, including the assembly instructions. The package includes the frame parts, the top and bottom panels, the transparent side panels, mounting material, printer side panels, and screws to connect the panels together. When you receive your kit, you will find the parts easy to assemble and install. Several optional accessories are also available for installation, such as handles, an LED strip, an advanced filtration system, and PSU cable quick-release.


Benefits of Using Enclosures

There are multiple benefits to using enclosures when using your 3D printer:

The unit regulates the surrounding temperature, keeping cold air out and the warm in. Being able to regulate your desired temperatures allows you to maintain a stable environment to ensure a precise print without warping, creating quality 3D printed parts. There is enough room inside the enclosure for the filament spool, which aids the flow into the extruder. There is also room in the enclosure for the power supply. Using the enclosure helps reduce odors, protects the printer and the print from dust, and also reduces noise. Another great benefit of using the enclosure is that you can mount multiple enclosures on top of each other. Stacking several 3D printers on top of each other saves space and is a plus for entrepreneurs running a print farm. The product is also designed to accommodate several upgrades and optional accessories, including some enhancements yet to come for future purchases.


Amazing Optional Features

The basic enclosure is a great product. By adding more optional features and accessories to your 3D printer, you have an even more amazing product on your hands. Here are some of the great optional features you can add to your printer.

Fire Suppression System

One great optional add-on is the self-contained, tube-style fire suppression system. The system uses a clean and safe extinguishing medium. The system works automatically by reacting to high temperatures and is independent of the power unit. Though there is practically no fire risk, the extinguishing system is available for institutions requiring a fire suppression system.

Advanced Filtration System

This optional feature is helpful when using printing materials, such as ABS, that can produce fine particulates and noxious fumes. Part of this great feature is a highly efficient HEPA filter that uses active carbon granules to filter the work area and reduce odors.

Mechanical Lock

Another helpful optional feature is the mechanical lock that keeps your printer secure from unwanted access. The lock offers extra security when you are not using your printer.

PSU Quick-Release Connector

This optional feature is helpful when you need to frequently remove your 3D printer from the box to switch types. This add-on allows for a quick release of the connector on the PSU cables. Normally, there is plenty of room for the printer and the PSU, but changing printer types makes unplugging the PSU difficult. Having an automatic PSU quick release method helps the user disconnect the PSU more efficiently.
Please note that if you have the silver PSU you will need to upgrade it first to the black PSU from Delta

White LED Strip

The current enclosure version provides an LED strip to illuminate the interior. This add-on will be compatible with the soon to be available Smart Box and can be programmable.

Expandable And Upgradeable

Your enclosure is designed to be adapted to other uses and needs. There are both free and paid upgrading options and you can expand the size and shape of the frame. With these upgrades, you can even design your own features to modify your enclosure frame to your unique needs.

Future Upgrades

As a company dedicating itself to continuous improvement of their products, Prusa anticipates additional components and accessories for you to choose to upgrade your enclosure. The built in electronics already make it possible to interface between the MK 3S+ printer. A soon to come innovation to add to you collection of accessories is the Smart Box. This allows for communication with the additional add-ons you may wish to install. Here are some of the anticipated up-grades:

Smart RGB LED Strip
Electronic Lock
RFID Reader
Advanced Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Multi-particle Sensor

These add-ons work in tandem together. The Smart RGB LED feature, for instance, signals when the print is finished. At this point, the Electronic Lock keeps the doors closed while the filtration system increases power to maximum RPM to quickly clean the air in the box. When the sensors detect the right temperature conditions have been reached, the Electronic Lock releases the door.

The Prusa Research Experience


The Prusa Research business was founded in 2012 by Josef Prusa. Prusa, a Czech investor, and entrepreneur discovered his passion for 3D printing while in college. He began his business as a one-man startup without investors or Kickstarter campaigns. Since this humble beginning, Prusa has grown to be a leading producer and developer of 3D printing technologies and materials. When you acquire a Prusa product, you know you are getting the very best in the industry.

Specification: The Original Prusa Enclosure



Air Filtration


3D Printer Fit

Prusa i3 MK3S+

Enclosure Size


Fire Suppression System


Mechanical Lock


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